ELMO the hooker

A while back I started a small project for detouring function calls in compiled binaries. This process is also known as hooking and interception.

The goal was to create a library that could dynamically create a detour on the fly, on windows, os x, or linux so the same library could be used on any of these operating systems. Since making the OS X version, I haven't really had the time to work on it. But I may as well post it here and give others the opportunity to use it and work with it.

Testing CStrings for equality, ignoring case.

It's amazing to me that such a simple function doesn't exist within the standard library or the STL ( If I'm mistaken, feel free to leave a comment and correct me. ). And who wants to use anything OS or implementation-specific when you shouldn't have to?

Hopefully that will be addressed in the future.

For now, feel free to use these two familiarly named functions "strncasecmp and strcasecmp" if you like. :)
Note that you may need to rename them, as some standard library implementations have them in the cstring header.



strstr with multi-part substring

// Locate the first occurrence of a multi-part substring in a string.

Upgraded drupal

I've upgraded drupal. It's probably been a couple years since I've updated it.

Everything seems to be working. Now I need to install a couple modules and then it should be good to go :)

Removed comment permissions for anonymous users.

There was about 1,500 spam comments from anonymous users from automated spam bots. I had to create an SQL query to search for them and delete them all because there was just too many to delete one at a time haha.

So I decided to just make it so you have to be logged in, in order to submit any comments.

Installed a syntax highlighter and "project".

Well today I did more looking around for a syntax highlighting module.

I also ran into a project module (I think it's the one drupal uses on their site), which I half way setup. So far it looks like I'll be able to use it for all the projects I release :)

I think I found one called geshifilter that will work, so hopefully I wont have to make one lol.

Syntax Highlighters

I've done some looking around for syntax highlighters that I remember using and / or hearing of.

I hunted down GeSHi, which is made in PHP. And Enscript, which is a command line program ( More info about Enscript here ).

Both have the ability to highlight multiple languages. I'm looking for more programs like this.

Next step!

I've decided the next thing I want / need to do is, find a module for Drupal that can provide syntax highlighting in code blocks for a wide variety of languages, because I program in several languages. And eventually, I will publish source in all of them.

So far I haven't found a module that's not beta, I may end up having to program one myself =\

I'll look around some more. I hope I find a good one :)

If not, maybe the first thing I release here will be a proper syntax highlighting module. :)

Tips on where to find one are welcome! Just add a comment :)

Taxonomy menu

So after installing drupal I wanted to figure out how to organize content into categories on the menu.

After an hour or two of searching I found Taxonomy menu.
So I installed it and am currently getting a feel for it and adding categories to see how it looks.

By adding a new category, It adds a new link to the menu. Right now I have "Topics" and under that I put Programming for now.

I'm liking it so far and I think it'll do what I want for organizing content into categories and adding the categories to the menu automatically.

Set up Drupal

I decided to make this a site for my projects, snippets, tutorials, etc.

So I setup Drupal, an open source content management system. Their website is Here

I may allow other people to register to add content but I haven't completely decided yet.
Right now users can only add comments.

I'm going to try this out and see how it works with what I want to do here.

P.S. Some people who come here are looking for elitecoders.org, or elitecoders.net. You may want to check those sites before freaking out haha.

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